Tall troll with a protective nature.


Cut horns.
Tends to dress to get dirty if need be.
Usually smells of oil.


Standing at a good eight foot six. Hard line didn’t see himself as a runner in his life. He had a good job in the tech department at Ares Corp. Working on droid software and fixing about with there armaments. One day a good friend of his brothers stopped him on his way home.
Giving just a alias he knows her as Tex. Being pulled aside as a squad car roared past he found out that his brother who was a runner with Tex was dead. He wanted to get him out of Ares before he took a major fall. Sadly on the news was that fall. A rigged police sentinel going berserk in the downtown core. Causing his name to be plastered all over the news for such a horrid tragedy.
As a runner he works as a wheel man and a droid controller. As well as rigged demolitions although no one really expects his skills from this.
A master mechanic and pilot he sleeps on Tex’s couch currently as a big guard dog for the girl. Getting on jobs with her and forging a name for himself as a runner with rubber to burn and metal to grind.


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