Donato "Triage" Salinas


Donato’s not what typically springs to mind at the mention of the word, “troll.” In a pack of trolls, he’d be runt, at least a foot shorter than the rest, and not nearly as bulky. He tries to present himself as part of ‘respectable’ society, typically wearing worn out suits, bought years ago at thrift shops, which are complimented by a pair of thing, gold (looking) rimmed glasses seem too small for his face.


Donato started his career as a member of the Aztlan military, serving as a combat medic during numerous minor conflicts, mostly with Amazonia. He grew dissatisfied with the way his fellow soldiers were being used as fodder in meaningless conflicts, as well as the way he personally was treated as a non=entity simply for being born a troll.

He managed to save some of his meager earnings to have someone to erase his SIN, and left Aztlan to make a better life for himself. He put his training as a medic, along with the limited knowledge he took away from the doctors he worked with, to provide medical care for individuals who would for whatever reason, rather not be treated at a legitimate hospital. One such individuals was a runner who had need of a new arm and leg.

Donato "Triage" Salinas

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